The Persian Courier
“Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor dark of night shall stay the courrier from his appointed rounds.” — Herodotus

The Iran Philatelic Study Circle (IPSC) is the only worldwide organization devoted to the study of Iranian philately. The IPSC was formed in the United Kingdom in the early part of the twentieth century, reactivated in 1948, and reorganized along its present lines in 1966. IPSC members in the United States and Canada formed the American Chapter in 1982. The American Chapter is Affiliate No. 208 of the American Philatelic Society (APS) and subscribes to the APS Code of Ethics. The IPSC holds general meetings five times each year in London. In addition, the American Chapter holds an annual meeting at various shows.

The IPSC Bulletin. The IPSC issues a Bulletin 4-5 times a year with articles on Iranian philately written in English. Over time, the IPSC Bulletin has become the journal of record of Iranian philately.

The IPSC Catalogue. The IPSC is in the process of producing a comprehensive catalogue of Iranian philately, including stamps, postal stationary, flights, rates, censor marks, cancellations, Indian postal use in Iran, and other related subjects. The Catalogue represents the collective knowledge of all members and is the most authoritative general reference available on this subject. Most pre-1942 sections have now been issued. Many more sections are in their final compilation stages. The IPSC maintains catalogue representatives with both Stanley Gibbons in the United Kingdom and Scott in the United States.

Internet Resources. The IPSC maintains an expanding collection of philatelic resources on the Internet at www.iranphilately.org. Copies of the Bulletin, Catalogue, and other resources are located in a secured area of the website and may be accessed with the use of a user name and password issued only to IPSC members.

Repositories. Copies of the Bulletin and Catalogue, and American Chapter Newsletters are also available to the public from the following two philatelic repositories in the United States:

American Philatelic Society
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

Postal History Foundation
Tucson, Arizona

National Philatelic Society
London, England
The British Library
London and Boston Spa, England
Royal Philatelic Society
London, England
Philatelische Bibliotek
Munchen Germany

Dues. IPSC dues are assessed on a calendar-year basis and are:

  • $10.00 for download only membership.
  • $25.00 for members of the North & South American Chapter receiving their Bulletins by post from the United States.
  • $5.00 USD for members of Iran Chapter recieving their Bulletins by download from Iran.
  • £15.00 (£15.75 if paid with Paypal) for Kingdom, Europe & rest of the world members receiving their Bulletins by post from the United. Members joining late in a year receive all Bulletins issued that year.
  • Members may elect to receive their Bulletins, auction lists, and other materials over the Internet at this site rather than by post.


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